CSHRA Membership Information

Membership Information

The membership year runs from January 1 until December 31.  Annual membership dues shall be due and payable by the first general membership meeting in January of each year.

There are four classes of CSHRA membership .  All members shall be considered “regular” members of the Association.  All regular members may vote, hold office, and serve on committees.  The classes of membership are as follows:

1.  Active Membership:  Shall be open to individuals holding positions in the human resource field, management or supervision, or anyone else seeking more information on the Human Resources field.  An individual may hold membership in the individual’s name, or three or more individuals employed in one company may apply for corporate membership. Any company with up to 250 local employees may have three voting members.  Any company with more than 250 local employees may have up to five voting members at the discretion of the Membership Director.

2.  Associate Membership:  Shall be open to persons who (1) are students in human resources, public or business administration; or (2) are human resource-trained and currently unemployed. 

3.  Retiree Membership:   Shall be limited to members of CSHRA are retired from a human resource position.

4.  Honorary Membership:  May be conferred upon persons who have distinguished themselves in the field of Human Resources.  Active members are not eligible.  Honorary members may not vote or hold office in the Association.  Honorary membership must be approved by a majority of the regular members present and voting on a proposal to extend an honorary membership to any individual.

Annual membership dues are:

Individual Membership:  $60

Small Corporation Membership (up to 250 employees: 3 voting members): $120

Large Corporation Membership (over 250 employees 5 voting members): $200

Associates Membership (Unemployed): $40

Retiree Membership: $30

Students Membership: $30

Contact Cassie Lujan, Membership Director, for additional details. Click here to access Membership Application:  CSHRA Membership Form fill in

Payment by cc, check or cash are accepted. Please call Emilia Jones to pay by CC: 719-528-8888, or complete the membership application, make checks payable to CSHRA and send to:       
                   P.O. Box 26676 
                   Colorado Springs, CO 80962